The Lightweight Player for the


Why another media player? And why OpenPlayerJS?

Technologies are evolving at a fast pace. Having a player that plays the most popular content in all browsers and devices, keeps itself ever-green, and can be customized easily is a no-brainer for everyone that wants the best.


<video class="op-player__media" id="video" controls>

    const player = new OpenPlayerJS('video');

    // Unleash the power

Easily configurable

To unleash the power of OpenPlayerJS, use video/audio with a op-player__media class name, an ID attribute for your element and a small set of configuration options... and that's it!

Cross Browser/Cross Device Support

Giving the constant changes of policies on different browsers, OpenPlayerJS integrates a smart algorithm to detect the browser's autoplay capabilities so you don't have to worry about each browser's quirks or workarounds to do that.

Media Advertising support

OpenPlayerJS integrates Google's IMA SDK so users have full support for all the types of Ads specifications used nowadays: VAST/VPAID/VMAP.

Just provide a valid Ads URL and let OpenPlayerJS to take care of the rest!

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